The Toyota Of Watertown History

Toyota of Watertown

The History Of Us


Foreign Auto Import

Variety of brands including Jaguar, Renault, AlfaRomeo & Volvo


Post Motors Inc.

Chrysler, Plymouth & Imperial


Post Motors Inc.

Chrysler, Plymouth & Imperial

Early 1970s

Ever Expanding...

Expanded offerings including: Triumph Motorcycles, Campers, Trailers & Recreational Vehicles.

Mid 1970s

Foreign Auto Import

Brands including Fiat, Renault & Volvo


Lexus Arrives

Chrysler Plymouth was transitioned into Lexus, one of the First Lexus dealers in the country

Early 1990s

Toyota Store

Over 100 employees providing outstanding customer service. Multiple year recipient of the coveted Presidents Award.


Over 60 Years In Business

Toyota Of Watertown officially became a Toyota dealership in June 24, 1965